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zilch_lord's Journal

Nathan Jackson Smyth
[Muse and Mun are over 18.
I don't own Doctor Who or Torchwood but I play in them for fun.
PB belongs to themself.
The Character is my creation.]

During the Time War a young couple, fearing their only Son's death they used the Chameleon Arch on him before setting the TARDIS to head to earth to live in Hiding, Intending to collect him when the war had been won. However they hadn't expected the TARDIS to be attacked. Damaged it ended crashing on Earth, the boy thrown.
He was found by a young woman, a small boy barely consious beside the crashed TARDIS, she realised that the crate he was found near was huge inside, small on the outside. She realised he was no normal boy (she'd read Superman). She took him home and claimed him as her own.
He grew up normal, at least relatively. His mother hid the crate in the basement, and the Pocket Watch he'd been clinging too in her jewellery.
His life? Boring. At least that's what he tells people. It's been pretty normal. He was an average student, he's pretty much an average at everything. Currently he's working in the local branch of MacDonalds. OF course everyone in England has some excitement. The Cybermen Ghosts, the crash in london, titanic? Yeah, he's watched that all happen. But it's Miracle Day that's proven most interesting. He was beaten by a group of men trying to steal the days takings. Of course, like everyone else, he didn't die. But he did have some very vivid, very strange hallucinations, dreams of another world, of an Untempered Schism, of a sky so very different from earth.
It's only been getting stranger since.